Cours d'italien



Didactic package

Italian language and European culture learning course

Progressive learning  and training  divided into theoretical and practice sessions held at:

the residence of qualified teachers

scholastic institutions

public culture facilities (libraries, auditoriums, etc.)

private cultural facilities

commercial businesses

art and craft studios

sport facilities

Learning levels of  language course participants:

A1, A2

Language course duration:

4 weeks; Mondays to Fridays  3 hours long Italian language and culture classes + 3 sessions (5 hours each) of lab, practice and training activities

Sample schedule:

Monday AM: 1st hr – grammar; 2nd hr – Italian geography; 3rd hr – Social Studies

Monday PM : 5 hrs at the home of an expert,  at an embroidery lab or sports centre with personal trainer or otherwise helping Italian children with their homework or language studies.  This last is the perfect opportunity for different  language speakers to interactively learn each others' native language...

Tuesday AM: 1st hr – Italian literature class, with fairy tales as main topic of study; 2nd and 3rd hrs. – short movie followed by thematic discussion

PM: same as Monday

Wednesday AM: 1st hr – Italian verbs, verbs classification and oral test; 2nd hr – dictation; 3rd hr educational games

PM:  meeting with fellow students,  going out with the guide and much more!

Thursday AM: 1st hr - comprehension test; 2nd hr – media language analysis and usage; 3rd hr – grammar and vocabulary

PM: same as Monday and Tuesday

Friday AM: 1st hr – weekly test and one-to-one correction of homework; 2nd and 3rd hrs. – conversation and dialogues led by the teacher

PM: at leisure or participating to  a short Italian cuisine class with choice of entree type:

Main courses



Saturdays and Sundays are dedicated to cultural enrichment tours in Rome, Tivoli, Ostia and so on. Duration: 5-6 hrs from 10 AM till 5 or 6 PM

The price includes:


Language professors and tutors  for 15 hrs/week, 60 hrs total

Experts and sport trainers, cuisine teachers so on for 15 hrs/week, 60 hrs total.

Didactical excursions,  museum tours and related transport, for a total of 4, one per week.

Teaching materials, movies, notebooks, culinary course ingredients, embroidery class supplies,  gym fees and so on.

Insurance coverage for each student, Europ Assistance, etc.

Transport via bus, train, metro and guide…

Airport and other transfers

School, library, auditorium and other course-related cleaning fees.

Monitoring and supervision of participating students; minors shall never be allowed to go out unaccompanied or stay at home by themselves.

Upon completing the course students will receive a certificate of attendance and language proficiency.



Basic Fees :

Host family accomodation : 30 € full pension x 7 days =  210.00 €

Italian course: 30€/h x 15 hours =  450.00 €

Cultural activities. : 20€/h x 15 hours : 300 €

 Transportation to museums and sites visit : 8 € per day (train+bus or family's car).

Airport or train station transfer to host family home : one way= 70 €.

Organization fees , local correspondant's assistance : 50€ per day